We have children’s groups most weekends during our 10:30am service but if you do keep them in church, God put the wiggle in children so don’t feel you have to suppress it in God’s house. All are welcome here!

We suggest you sit near the front so they can see, the backs of heads are boring! Quietly explain what is happening, join in with the songs, pray and voice responses. Children learn by copying you. 

If you do feel you need to walk about there is a small space at the back of the church or you can pop into the foyer but please do come back. As Jesus said “Let the children come to me.”

J.A.M. (Jesus and Me)

J.A.M (our Sunday school) has regular groups for children each week throughout the academic school year. We have two groups, J.A.M Tots (0-5years) and J.A.M Kids (6-11 years) If you would like your children to join the groups please contact our Children's Worker, Morgen Edwards, Our leaders are all members of the St Stephen’s church community and are regularly checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service. We have a Church Safeguarding Officer and Children’s Champion to oversee our adherence to the Safeguarding Children policy and procedures.


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School Admissions

Many parents are keen to send their children to Church of England schools because of their reputation for excellent education with a strong Christian ethos.  These schools work in partnership with parents to encourage their children in the Christian faith and applications need to be supported by a reference from the clergy which states how many times a month the child and their family attend church.  For that reason, we keep a register of attendance of children attending Sunday groups so that we can be accurate when filling in forms and fair to all concerned.

Christ the Saviour is our nearest Church of England primary school, and you can find information on their application process here

Twyford Academy Schools do not all have the same admission criteria, but all share the same Christian ethos.  Church attendance is one criteria used to determine places at Twyford School and maximum points are awarded to children who have been attending church for at least five years before the application is made in Year 6.  William Perkin, Ealing Fields and Ada Lovelace Schools allocate the majority of their places by distance from the school, but there are some exceptions.  See individual school websites for further information.