Electoral Roll

Our church Electoral Roll is the register of our voting members;  it is a list of those qualified to attend and to vote at the Annual Church Meeting.  Joining is a way of saying....“I belong” and an act of commitment to St. Stephen’s Church. You can read more about church electoral rolls here and join (if you are eligible) by completing the form here

1   The only Churches at present in communion with the Church of England and other Anglican Churches and certain foreign Churches, as listed in the Supplementary Material to the Canons (but note Rule 83(3) of the Church Representation Rules, which provides for any question as to whether a particular Church is in communion with the Church of England to be decided by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York acting jointly).
2   Membership of the electoral roll is also open to members in good standing of a Church not in communion with the Church of England which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity where those members are also prepared to declare themselves to be members of the Church of England.
3   Every six years a new roll is prepared and those on the previous roll are informed so that they can reapply. If you are not resident in the parish but were on the roll as a habitual worshipper and have been prevented by illness or other sufficient cause from worshipping for the past six months, you should complete declaration 2B or 2C as follows –
(a) delete the first set of words in square brackets and
(b) at the end of the second set of words in square brackets, briefly state the reason for not having worshipped as mentioned.
4   If you have any problems with this Form, please approach the clergy or lay people responsible for the parish, who will be pleased to help you.
5   In this Form ‘parish’ means ecclesiastical parish.
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