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Sally Horattides

He who was seated on the throne said, 'I am making everything new!' Revelation 21:5
We have just enjoyed a week off work.  We had planned a family holiday in the Mediterranean sun but as that wasn’t able to happen we decided to do some decorating instead!  We have lived in the Vicarage for 11 years now and each year have tried to do something to keep the place looking fresh.  So last week we decided to repaint our bedroom.  It may not be a new room but it now looks bright and clean.  

The Bible ends with the book of Revelation which isn’t the easiest book to understand – my Connect Group have just spent six months grappling with some troubling imagery.  But Revelation ends with hope.  It reminds that despite all the dark things that happen in our world, God is in control.  Revelation 21 tells us that one day God will bring together heaven and earth in his new creation and restore all things to perfection.  From that point on there will be no more tears, or death or mourning or crying, or sickness or coronavirus!  On that day there will be no more suffering or sadness.  On that day God will make all things new and we will see that He has the ultimate victory.

Until that day comes, we have a part to play in working for the establishment of the Kingdom of God.  Every act of kindness that we as Christians do to reach out into our community brings that about.  Shopping or collecting prescriptions for an isolated neighbour, serving the homeless at the Soup Kitchen, telephoning someone living on their own, standing up against racism and social injustice are all kingdom acts which work towards that day when all things will be made new
As we slowly emerge from lockdown and seek to avoid a second wave of the virus, hold on to this hope.  We know there is a difficult journey ahead.  Some now have more freedom whereas others are feeling increasingly trapped - perhaps struggling with working from home, home schooling or simply feeling lonely.   But God’s promise is more than a lick of paint – his promise is nothing more than the renewal of the whole of creation.  However you feel today hear Jesus say to you ‘I am making everything new!’
Prayer:  Thank you Lord that you promise to make all things new.  Sustain us as we wait with expectation for that day when you will restore all things.  Amen
Prayer Request:  Pray today for those whose medical treatment has been postponed due to the virus and for medical staff and managers dealing with long waiting lists.