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Sally Horattides

Jesus said to them ‘It is I; don’t be afraid’ John 6 v16-21

I have always loved this story and I think it may be relevant to the strange time we are living in.

 Jesus needs time to be alone and pray, so he sends his disciples ahead of him. They set out in a boat – a regular journey for them across the Sea of Galilee - but they are anxious because he hasn’t joined them. It gets dark and then the sea gets rough and they struggle to row.

We, like them, find ourselves in familiar surroundings, but the situation around us keeps changing. We are fearful of what is going to happen next and are struggling to find control.

Then, in the story, Jesus comes to them walking on the water and they are terrified. But he tells them not to be afraid, and he calms the waves and takes them safely over to the other side.

A few years ago, Steve led a group from St Stephens on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. For the last few days, we were staying by the Sea of Galilee and one afternoon we went on a trip in a traditional boat on the lake. Reflecting on this story at the time, it came to me that when Jesus walked across the water, coming to the aid of the disciples, he did not come as he is often depicted – striding along with his golden hair flowing back in the wind. I saw him as a disfigured man, limping over the waves as he came to reassure and help the frightened men in the boat.

So he comes to us, not detached from our worries and fears, but understanding and sharing our confusion and pain. He alone can give us true peace and quell the storm around and within us.

A hymn to praise God for his son:  There is a Redeemer!

Lord, thank you that you feel our pain and understand our weakness and confusion. Help us to trust in your love and healing power whatever we are going through, Amen
Request for prayer
For St David’s and all care homes, for the safety and healing of residents and staff