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Jane Maffett

‘Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away’ Matthew 24:35

I have been thinking about the idea of ‘memory’ verses – committing a Bible verse to memory. Some of us remember as children going to Sunday School a while back and learning verses. One of our Daytimers at our Zoom meeting recently showed the Bible prize she was given over 50 years ago for learning and being able to repeat 200 of them! 

They may have gone out of fashion a bit, but even now we use them at St Stephen’s.  We are seeing the children brilliantly sharing a verse (from Galatians 5:22-23) about the fruit of the spirit in our current Sunday services: St Stephens Online.  And we use them at our Summer Holiday Club (sadly not on this year). 

I was not a fan (I hated being forced to lean something!) but I am now. I know that these are the words you reach for when times are tough, or you need help. Perhaps when preparing for a difficult work meeting, in a hospital bed, unable to sleep at night or sharing with a non-believer a verse which has helped you. They may be straight Bible verses, or verses reflected in hymns or worship songs.

We probably all have on speed dial a verse or two from the 23rd Psalm – in all its richness and reassurance. And I love beautiful Hannah Dunnett cards with themed verses.

I realise I now have a wonderful chance to add to my memory bank!  This is the 75th Thought for the Day – that’s a lot of (usually) short and helpful verses to explore and choose which I might add.  I’m going for 5 a month (including the book and verse number). You might want to think about taking up a challenge like this …  and Morgen has helped by loading all the past Thoughts for the Day on our website here.

Prayer – Lord please help me find and remember those treasures in the Bible that will help me in my daily life – and to recall them when I need them.

Prayer Request:  For those who continue to be shielded that they would be given strength and perseverance as they wait for restrictions to be lifted.