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Ian Jamieson

He placed His right hand upon me and said “Do not be afraid.  I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One.” Revelation 1 v 17.
Over the last month, I have been reading the ‘Daily Study Bible’ commentary on ‘The Revelation of John’ by William Barclay, such a thorough exposition that after 63 pages Barclay has not yet reached Chapter Two!
The opening passages of Revelation describe the awesome majesty of our God and have been much used by hymn writers and worship leaders over the centuries. They were written during a time of intense persecution of the Early Church under the Roman Emperor Domitian, who demanded all who addressed him to begin with “Lord and God”. In that context we can see why God gave John such an awe-inspiring vision of who the real Lord and God was and what He was really like. We are not suffering such persecution (although Christians are elsewhere)  but we too need encouraging that Jesus is Lord, the present troubles will be overcome and we have hope in a God who cares for us.
At Your feet we fall’ is a great worship song to inspire us.
The book of Revelation describes our Lord as one with eyes ‘like blazing fire’, a voice ‘like rushing waters’ and a face ‘ like the sun shining in all its brilliance’. No wonder John ‘ fell at His feet as though dead’! But, as Barclay says, “There is something lovely here. When the seer fell in awed terror before the vision of the Risen Christ, the Christ stretched out His right hand and placed it on him and bade him not to be afraid. That very same hand which holds the stars is placed in soothing comfort on the head and shoulder of the frightened child. The hand of Christ is strong enough to uphold the heavens and gentle enough to wipe away our tears”.  Wow….That is the God I want to sing praise and give my life to.
Prayer: Mighty Risen Lord Jesus. I acknowledge your majesty and your power. Touch me today with your gracious hand of love, through Your Holy Spirit.
Still my anxious thoughts and fill me with Your power, I pray. Amen.
Prayer Request:  Pray for employers having to make complicated decisions and arrangements for people to return to work in the workplace; for creativity, patience and resilience.