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Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!   Philippians 4:4
As a Home-Educating family, we often use the world around us as our source of learning-material. This has meant that we get to observe and learn from the subtle details and changes in rhythm that every season of the year puts into motion. Spring and summer bring out so much hope and joy in people; everyone laughs more, long days spent in the outdoors, barbecues, paddling pools, so much extrinsic joy!

Winter, on the other hand, is hard work! People unconsciously "hibernate", staying outdoors for long hours takes a lot more conscious effort due to the cold(at least for those of us with tropical roots!), and to top it off, we spend the larger portion of our day in the dark.

That scripture, written by Paul in prison to boot, always gives me hope in those dark months. It highlights to me the fact that I can choose to rejoice. It is not something that happens to me; It is a choice.

When I choose to focus on gratitude and joy, the negative thoughts and emotions tend to be replaced with positive ones. That mental shift frees me to see and appreciate what IS rather than focusing on what is missing.

Many lives have been turned upside down during this pandemic and things may seem dark. The precarious state of people's job/financial security, mental wellbeing and economic stability adds to the general level of anxiety.

But guess what! We will "Rejoice in the Lord" anyway because He is our Hope and Joy.

Prayer: Father, I pray that You fill me with the joy of the Lord, that overwhelming joy. Your joy is unlike anything this world has to offer. It brings peace, trust and hope and with that a rest because I know You are in control. Amen
Prayer request:  We continue to pray for those struggling with their mental health in this unique season. That they may find peace and hope in God's word.