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Jane Maffett

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22

When we know something is amazing don’t we just ­have to tell someone about it?

If we are a parent and football supporter we probably encourage our children to come to matches with us.
If there’s something amazing coming up on TV or You Tube, we tell our friends about it.

If we know a new restaurant, pub or play we share it with others – and might even take them there.

So why should our faith be any different?

There is a story about a girl about to be baptised by full immersion and she shocked the vicar: when he asked how many guests each candidate was expecting, most counted a few close family and god-parents, but this teenager said she had also invited about 30 of her school friends – she just had to share this wonderful thing with them!

So if (and this is where different people use different language so choose what fits for you) … IF our faith is important to us / IF we know the love and peace of Jesus in our life / IF we know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour … why wouldn’t we want friends, family and neighbours to share in this good news?

In this 10 day period of Thy Kingdom Come, we are invited to identify 5 people we would like to come to faith and pray for them daily. Just pray. And the Holy Spirit will move in amazing ways, perhaps through us, or through others - things will happen!

So just pray for your five in whatever way works for you (I am imagining 5 faces on my Zoom screen) – and it’s not too late if you have not started yet! And if you are not quite sure of your own faith – make one of the people yourself …

Prayer – Lord I pray that my five names will come to know you – and that through your Spirit I can deepen my own faith in you – day by day.

Prayer Request:  That during the pandemic many people would renew their faith or come to faith for the first time.