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Mark Tate

“Come, Holy Spirit,” is a prayer that has been prayed since ancient times, in many variations and ways, as a welcoming prayer that sits at the beating heart of the empowered Church of Jesus Christ.

When we come to the world as Gospel people, like Paul, we want to come with a Gospel of power rather than one of words (1 Cor. 4:20). From ancient times to today, Church of England churches all over the world, as well as the Orthodox Church, and the Catholic Church all regularly pray this prayer in some way, shape, or form and at this time leading up to Pentecost we are joining with Christians from different countries and traditions in praying it again, as part of the Thy Kingdom Come global prayer movement.

When we pray “Come, Holy Spirit,” we are inviting God with open hearts to manifest His Presence, to do what He wants to do in our gatherings and in our communities, and to raise our hearts in Kingdom expectation. “Come, Holy Spirit” has been called the most essential prayer of the Church. So, together with all God’s Church, we pray “Come, Holy Spirit!” for the sake of the Gospel, for our lives and the lives of those we touch, and for the life of the world.

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit. We pray you would fill our hearts afresh so that we may shine bright to those around us. Help us to be a kingdom minded people that seek your will above all else. Amen.

Prayer Request: Although we are separated physically may this time of prayer increase unity between different Christians, as we strive for a common goal.