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Morgen Edwards1 
Morgen Edwards

As you will know from Steve’s email, Thy Kingdom Come has begun and a big part of that is choosing five friends who do not yet know Jesus and to pray for them to know Him.

For some reason a song has been playing on repeat in my head, ‘That’s what Friends are for’ from Disney movie of The Jungle Book. I know the vultures in the film weren’t singing about Jesus but I feel this song speaking to me.

Jesus is our friend. Fact. We cannot see him but we know him and know that he is working for us. If we as Christians are supposed to emulate Jesus and strive to live a more Christ-like existence then surely we as friends should want the best for our friends even when we’re not with them. The lyrics of Waymaker sum this up;
Even when I don't see it, You're working
Even when I don't feel it, You're working

So with that in mind what can we do for our friends? The simplest of things we can start with is prayer. There are lots of ways, from using our fingers, making a bracelet with beads on or tying knots in a length of string/leather to remind us to pray. Whatever works for you, I would urge you to pick five friends who do not yet know Jesus or are even ‘on the fence’ and pray for them – when they are ready Jesus will be there for them. After all ‘That’s what Friends are for!’ Our kids can do this too.

I heard a story of a man who prayed for 100 people, he knew, to know Jesus. Slowly one by one they came to Christ and by the time he died 95 of them had become Christians. At his funeral the final five also gave their lives to Christ. I find this profoundly beautiful. I don’t for one moment think I would have this impact on 100 lives but if just one of the people I am going to pray for comes to Christ I will feel like I have achieved a miracle and just think if all of us who receive this Thought for the Day prayed for five people and one of them came to Christ that would be nearly 200 new souls saved!

Prayer: Jesus, my friend, I lift up to you x, x, x, x and x. I pray that you would make yourself known to them that they might feel your love and the joy it is to call you friend.