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Lucy Morrow

There may be pain in the night, but joy comes with the morning.’ Psalm 30:5
I remember when my parents first dropped me off into my university room. At first, it was exciting to decorate it, however as the night fell I had never felt more alone. I couldn’t work out if the room felt bigger or if I felt smaller, but suddenly living away from home didn’t seem so appealing. The world felt quiet and the next day uncertain. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that? There’s nothing quite like night-time to make you feel frightened, sleepless, small and incapable.

Almost certainly, David said this as a testimony from his own life. I imagine David had many sleepless and tearful nights, however David doesn’t stop with his pain in the night. He reminds God’s people, as they are dedicating the temple, that God’s mercies are new every morning, and that God is not just in the temple but with them every day and every night. God is with his people in the depths of their despair and in the peace of the mornings.

In this Psalm David reflects on how the certainty of God’s comfort and joy to his people changes the way he lives his life. David was not saying that after this realisation that he never felt bad again but he is reflecting that from this point on that even though the oceans raged and even though he often says in other Psalms he feels like he’s on the verge of dying that he does not have to be afraid anymore because God is more powerful and he makes all things work together for our good.

These past few months have been strange for all of us but remember however difficult the days look, however lonely the nights feel you are not small or incapable. You are watched, cradled and cared for by someone who will protect and forgive, whose mercies are new every morning. No matter how tough things are there is the undeniable certainty that our God is real and he cares and even if we don’t feel joyful now it doesn’t mean that we will never feel joyful again. God is our source of joy and he will let us rest in him.

We thank you Lord that even though we are in difficult times now, you make every day new and you are in control of every situation.

Prayer Request
For those finding it hard to sleep at the moment, that they would receive the rest they need and that as they lie awake at times they would know God’s peace..