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Caroline Jamieson1 
Caroline Jamieson

Gen 37 verses 5-7 ; One night Joseph had a dream and when he told his brothers about it they hated him….”We were all in a field tying up sheaves of wheat, when my sheaf stood up straight. You formed a circle and bowed down to it.”

How are you enjoying Week 7 of lockdown?

Are you getting on OK? Are you beginning to forget which day it is, like me? Are you wondering about the promises that God gave you in the past?

Well, my message today is a simple one- God is faithful.

The verses above come from the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. He was given this promise, in a dream, when he was young. God waited over 20 years to fulfil the promise. In the intervening years he was sold into slavery by his brothers, falsely imprisoned and eventually raised to the status of ‘prime’ minister by the Pharaoh in Egypt. God had shown Joseph that there would be a famine and he went about preparing for it. When the famine took place, Joseph had probably put his original dream to the back of his mind.

But God’s promises do not fade away with the passing of time. Joseph’s dream, from so many years before, came to pass.

Today, we look around and think to ourselves, “When will this all end? When will life return to normal?”

The Lord answers us in the famous verse from Jeremiah 29 verse 11; ‘I know the plans I have for you…’ God is asking us to trust Him and to hold on to His promises.

Remember the promises He has made to you in the past, be they the promises given through baptism, dreams or words of knowledge. And seek Him for new promises. He loves to talk to us!

Prayer:  We know that You are a good God. Thank you that your promises hold good and give us a future and a hope. Amen.