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Jo Leeds1 
Joanna Leeds

 “The Lord bless you
And keep you
Make His face shine upon you
And be gracious to you
The Lord turn His
Face toward you
And give you peace.”
A few weeks ago we sung ‘The Blessing’ at our online Sunday service and Steve sent a link in his letter this week to a new compilation version produced by a whole variety of churches in the UK. Some of you have shared with me that listening to this song has been a helpful and comforting reminder of God’s peace, faithfulness and presence. As you may know, many of the words of this song are taken directly from Numbers 6: 24-26. I do love a worship song taken directly from Scripture! This blessing was originally spoken by Aaron to Israel, who through being faithful to God would enjoy his blessings.

So what does this priestly blessing mean for us today? As adopted sons and daughters living under the New Covenant we enjoy God’s incredible blessings of everlasting peace and salvation through Jesus. Perhaps we do not always ‘feel’ blessed, but because of God’s love and faithfulness to us through Jesus, the truth is we are indeed ‘blessed.’

When I struggle to believe this truth, I often find worshipping God through song brings his goodness, presence and promises to life. Part of the power of singing this particular song lies in its repetition. Sometimes I’m not in the right mood to appreciate a repetitive song, but amidst relentless media headlines and my own racing thoughts I know that meditating on the promises of God over and over is precisely what my mind and heart need.
I pray you will receive God’s blessing over you today as you listen to these words, knowing that his presence goes before you, behind you, beside you, around you and within you. What a promise for a time such as this!

Prayer:  Lord, we thank you that because of your love and faithfulness we can experience your blessings every day of our lives and into eternity. We praise you and thank you!

Prayer Reques
t: The online version of The Blessing is receiving a lot of attention, pray that it brings encouragement and hope, especially to those who feel far from God.