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Caroline Jamieson1 
Caroline Jamieson

‘He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty…..’ Psalm 91:1
I have heard Psalm 91 being quoted a great deal over the last few weeks. It is a psalm about protection and tells us all that we need to know about how God meets us in times of difficulty.
As I write this Thought for the Day my mother is in hospital recovering from the coronavirus. I am placing my trust in God for her future. Of course Christians get ill and even die- but we approach death from a totally different perspective to that of the world. We can be free from fear. Why? Because we know that God has His hand on our lives. We remember that Jesus has gone through death and come out the other side. This means that we know our future is safe with the Lord in Heaven.
Further on in Psalm 91 we are encouraged to ‘make the Most High our dwelling’.  I don’t know about you but my diary isn’t exactly crammed with things to do at the moment, so let’s spend more time in the presence of God at this strange time. I’m sure that we will be surprised at how our outlooks re-adjust in His presence. We will see God meeting us where we are—in our joys and in our worries.
Today I would recommend that we just stop what we are doing and listen to the latest song from Keith Getty.  It’s called ‘Christ Our Hope in Life and Death’ and has been written as a response to the Coronavirus crisis - it’s at:   The words are amazing and faith building. 
Heavenly Father help us to dwell a moment with You and to call upon You and to know that You will answer. Thank you Lord.
Prayer Request: 
For those known to us in hospital at this time, and for their families unable to visit – for healing, comfort and peace.