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Caroline Jamieson1 
Caroline Jamieson

Christ is Risen
He is risen indeed, Hallelujah!
A very Happy Easter to everyone.
On Easter Monday people traditionally go for walks together. So I wondered if you would like to join me for my daily walk as various things prompt me to pray. (I have attached a map at the bottom of the email.)
Let’s stroll down Cowper Road in Hanwell, where I live. As we get to the bottom of the road we turn right and walk past the Chemist Shop. This gives us the chance to pray for those working in the NHS and ask God to protect them and strengthen them in their work.

We then cross the Greenford Avenue and go down Cuckoo Lane and then into Church Road where we pass Peter and Jane Devereux’s home. Let’s think of our St Stephen’s family, who are only a phone call away. God, may You be with us and strengthen our faith as  we remember Your wonderful Resurrection.

As we approach St Mary’s Church we see the lovely daffodils in Churchfields. The church, standing tall by the park, reminds us that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us. We pray too for our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world who are struggling.

We enter the Bunny Park and see people going for their daily walk. We pray that God will protect our nation and that He will comfort all those suffering the loss of loved ones.

The animals in the park are oblivious to the pandemic. The flamingos are a vibrant orange, the birds are singing like never before and the donkeys are serenely munching their hay. God loves His natural world. Let’s pray that we learn to appreciate it more.

As we walk by the River Brent we see the glistening light sparkling over the water and we thank God for the peace that He brings us.

Well it’s time to head off home now. Thank you so much for joining me on my walk today. Time for a well-earned cup of tea…..
May God bless us with His Peace as we remember that Jesus rose from the dead for each one of us.

Here is a link to my walk on Google Maps