Vicar's update 2nd AugustSteve Newbold1

I hope you are well and have had a good weekend.
Prayer is the bedrock of all that we do and our monthly Prayer Meeting is tomorrow evening at 8pm.  All are welcome - please ask me for the Zoom code if you don't already have it from previous months.
On Sunday we continued our series looking at the life of the early church through the book of Acts and thought together about Acts 13 - you can catch up here.  As well as seeing how God uses us all to grow his Kingdom we also thought about the importance of coming together to worship God - something that we have been prevented from doing in the past 17months.    
With this in mind, the Leadership Team and the Church Council have agreed that the 10.30am service will be reintroduced from 5th September but with a refreshed look.  We want to hold in tension a number of ‘competing’ priorities – to retain a Kingdom focus, to deepen our times of sung worship, to build on our pre-pandemic series on whole life worship, to regularly include Holy Communion, to both include children and young people in the service and to retain separate good quality children and youth work.  In doing all this we want to keep the service short enough to continue to livestream each week - phew!

To try to achieve all this we propose:

  • To aim for the new service to be 60minutes max to encourage those who are joining online to stay for the whole service
  • To involve children and youth with Welcome & Hospitality (perhaps in family groups), and at times when they are in Church involving them in helping to lead services, doing readings, conducting ?interviews and working on the sound & vision desks.  Note: this is a long term ambition and won’t all happen in September! 
    • To introduce a slightly modified Sunday pattern of services but one which is not that dissimilar to now:
    • First Sunday whole Church service All Age Service
    • Second Sunday - with Holy Communion (note: children will join in for Communion then leave for their groups)
    • Third Sunday - Children in for opening worship then leave for their groups .  This will allow space for more general Prayer Ministry, updates and/or mission speakers
    • Fourth Sunday - with Holy Communion (note: children will join in for Communion then leave for their groups)
    • Fifth Sunday (as they occur) - Community Sunday when we can do different things during and after services e.g. lunches, activities.  Usually these Sundays will also include separate children’s groups.
The 9am Service will continue, as now, with a weekly service of Holy Communion.  If you have any questions about these changes, please do contact me direct.

Obviously we don’t know what the autumn will bring but are hoping that we are all able to resume a more normal lifestyle.  So do put Sunday 5th September in your diary and aim to join us as we reset our Church life together after this long season of change.  Everyone is invited to join us in Cleveland Park after the 10.30am service as we have a picnic together and begin to renew our friendships.

More immediately, this coming week we have: 

  • Morning Prayer on Tuesday and Thursday at 9am
  • First Tuesday Prayers on Tuesday at 8pm
  • Holy Communion on Wednesday at 11am 
  • Sunday Services - 9am and 11am in Church and 11am Livestreamed.

If you need any Zoom passcodes please contact me direct.
With my love and prayers