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Annual Meeting May 26th 2021 

We now invite nominations for Churchwardens and PCC membership.

Please click relevant section below if you are being nominated for election (we will then contact your proposer and seconder to confirm).

Nomination for Churchwarden
Nomination for PCC member

(Please click here if you are a co-opted member of PCC or a member as a result of the office you hold)

This year our twin meetings - the Annual Meeting of Parishioners and the Annual Church Meeting will both take place virtually, because of the pandemic, at 8.00pm on Wednesday 26th May.  At the first meeting we elect our two Churchwardens to serve for the coming year.  At the second meeting we elect up to three new PCC members for a three year term to replace retiring members and one member for one year.  We are very grateful to those standing down for the time and dedication they have given.

THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL – THE ‘PCC’ - consists of the Vicar, Associate Minister, Curate, Churchwardens, Licensed Lay Minister and elected and co-opted representatives of the church. The PCC usually meets six times a year on a Monday evening, with agendas covering regular items (such as reports from finance, buildings, mission, children and youth, safeguarding, health and safety), and more wide ranging items looking at the way forward for our church.  

All members are Trustees and must therefore be eligible as such under Charity Commission guidelines. This helpful leaflet gives an overview - Trusteeship - an introduction for PCC members.
Duties of trustees include:

  • Compliance – Ensure the PCC complies with charity and church law
  • Prudence – Ensure that the PCC is financially sound
  • Duty of care – Using personal knowledge and experience to ensure that the PCC is well run and efficient

A PCC Form of declaration must be certified by those standing for election to any roles, certifying they are eligible, and all must undergo safeguarding training.

PCC MEMBERS - Three new 'lay' members are elected each year for a 3 year term, from church members who have been on the electoral roll for at least 6 months. They then:

  • Represent the church membership, part of its ‘voice’ for decisions made by St Stephen’s. They can include their own view on matters, but should also represent the views of the wider Church.
  • Work in partnership with the Vicar in leading St Stephen’s and encourage and support him in his ministry.
  • Help him and the leadership team shape the future vision and direction for our church, and deliver our Mission Action Plan.
  • Make it a priority to attend PCC meetings and be prepared for them by reading & considering materials sent to them.
  • Take an interest in getting to know more people in the congregation, making themselves available to speak to those with concerns or questions. Can feed things into meetings and report back to interested people.
  • Are called to pray for the life of the church and its people.

DEANERY SYNOD MEMBERS – These are only elected every 3 years and this happened in 2020.  As well as being part of the PCC, members of Deanery Synod attend 4 meetings a year alongside other churches in Ealing.

CHURCHWARDENS - The role of a churchwarden is extremely varied.  The churchwardens are the Bishop’s representatives in the church.
They are elected annually at a meeting of parishioners, and can serve a maximum of 6 successive annual terms.  Both our current churchwardens are willing and eligible to stand again. In addition to sitting on the PCC they:

  • Share leadership, remembering it is leadership rather than management. Churchwardens should be people who the congregation respect as leaders and who can take charge when needed. Churchwardens should be wise and, if needed, firm. They should nurture their own Christian faith, and keep it fresh.
  • Facilitating the smooth running of the church and its services, especially the Sunday services: making sure support teams are in place and working, for keeping order in the church, and for collecting the cash offerings. Churchwardens have to make reports each year to the annual parochial meeting and to the archdeacon.
  • Share the responsibilities connected with buildings, contents, finance, safeguarding and compliance.
  • Have an important role on a personal level. A churchwarden cares for the Vicar and his family. A churchwarden should also care for the congregation, encourage its members in their Christian faith, and to help heal any tensions that arise between them or between the congregation and the Vicar.

As part of the leadership team, we work out how to share the different responsibilities.
Further information is available from the current Churchwardens and the Vicar. If you are considering that this might be a call for you, or thinking of nominating someone, we encourage you to discuss the role with one of us. Training is available.

Early indications of an intention to stand as a candidate for election to the PCC, or as Churchwarden are requested, as this allows the Vicar to talk with the candidate about their vision for St. Stephen’s together with any matters candidates may wish to raise with the Vicar in advance. 
Anyone wishing to stand as Churchwarden is asked to speak to Steve Newbold in advance of submitting a nomination.

Steve Newbold, Vicar 
Jane Maffett, PCC Secretary ( - Queries
Caroline Jamieson and Mary Ann Auckland, Churchwardens