Things to do during Lent 

Lent is not just about giving something up, like chocolate, it is about making time for and working on your relationship with God. Of course you can give up chocolate if you like but only do so if it is going to test you and not just be the 'easy option', Jesus didn't have it easy in the desert.

Below is a list of suggested things you could either give up or take on during Lent

1 – Make your bed every morning
2 – Temporarily delete social media apps
3 – Give up TV/Netflix
4 – Spend 30 minutes in prayer each day
5 – Do a task for someone else that you wouldnt' normally do – i.e. empty bins/dishwasher/wash up/laundry
6 – Pick 40 people and pray for a different one each day
7 – Give up buying coffee/take away and make your own – then donate the money saved to charity
8 – Make a daily donation to a foodbank
9 – Volunteer
10 – Keep a journal
11 – Walk instead of drive
12 – Give up snacking
13 – Talk to someone rather that text/email
14 – Learn to say no to give yourself time to be with God
15 – Take up some exercise
16 – Start to learn a new language
17 – Wake up 30 minutes earlier each morning to read the Bible
18 – Turn off music/radio and be in silence
19 – Compliment someone who annoys you and mean it
20 – Forgive someone who has hurt you
21 – Ask for forgiveness from someone you have hurt
22 – Pick up litter and put it in the bin
23 – Join a Connect group
24 – Read a Christian book
25 – Accept that God guides us and we cannot control everything
26 – Choose to drink water, only, for the next 40 days
27 – Get up as soon as your alarm goes off – don't snooze
28 – Listen to a Christian podcast
29 – Spend 10 minutes each day thanking God for all his gifts and apologising for any short comings
30 – Take someone to lunch, a lonely co-worker, a neighbour you don't always love, a friend you have lost touch with
31 – Spend some one–to–one time with one of your children
32 – Tell someone about Jesus
33 – Invite a member of your church to dinner
34 – Listen to previous sermons
35 – Attend a service at a different church and see how they worship the Lord
36 – Make a list of 5 things each day that you are grateful for
37 – Go on a prayer walk
38 – Join the Street Pastors
39 – Clear out unnecessary items from your house and donate them to charity
40 – Make 'essentials bags' and give them to someone who is homeless
41 – Invite elderly or lonely people to a coffee morning
42 – Encourage leaders, at work or at church
43 – Show up when you’ve said you would
44 – Be open and honest
45 – Make sure you say Please and Thank you
46 – Smile at a stranger
46 – Learn a new Worship song
47 – Leave a gift for a random stranger to find
48 – Give up your seat to someone on the bus/train
49 – Read the news instead of watching what happened online
50 – Join an Alpha course
51 – Pay for the drink/meal of the person behind you
52 – Work on your temper
53 – Stop procrastinating
54 – Invite a friend to church
55 – Write and send a thank you note everyday (text or email are fine)
56 – Plant a flower or plant and look after it
57 – Involve the whole family in a task – i.e. cooking, gardening, volunteering
58 – Read a Bible story to your kids at bedtime
59 – Join a team at church i.e. Café, Serving, Youth, Welcome
60 – Give away something each day, be it time, money or something you own