Foodbank Donations for Harvest

Since last  Harvest, Food Bank has fed over 7,000 people from Cafes operating every week from churches in Acton, Hanwell, Southall, Greenford and Northolt. An increase of 40% referrals in this period is largely due to the roll-out of Universal Credit as the benefits system is changed. Waits of 5 or more weeks with no payment, are difficult for most to cope with.

Food Bank works with the School Effectiveness Team, to help families in receipt of free school meals during school holidays, and those with crippling debt on very low incomes which has led to increased referrals too.

In recent months, the Food Bank Warehouse has sent out more than is being donated by the good people of Ealing and stocks have run very low. So our donations of dried, tinned and long-life goods will be much appreciated.  

We need: (No fresh foods please)
foodnon food

ALL in small quantities please - we’re not allowed to split huge boxes/packets. And all with at least 3 months before use-by date.

Thank you SO much! The relief and thanks we experience show us what a difference we can make.