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I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in our Community Fete yesterday.  It was such an amazing day and a real team effort.  Here are some numbers to encourage you: 

We gave away...

  • 1700 hot/cold drinks
  • 1700 bottles of water
  • 1400 burgers
  • 1200+ cakes 

In addition

  1. 100 faces were painted
  2. 250 sports medals won
  3. 300 crafts crafted
  4. 70 veggie gardens planted,
  5. over 50 people pampered

and nearly 2000 people enjoyed the music, the history exhibition and everything else at our community fete  I am grateful to those who planned in advance, came to help set up the site from 7am,  ran activities, cooked and served food for often hours at a time and those who stayed on or came back to help put everything away.  As well as the activities the music on the main stage was superb and uniformly of a very high standard.  We were so blessed with the weather and it was lovely to see families coming along with their picnic blankets and making the most of the day.  Everything went off so well and I am grateful for everyone’s support and hard work.   I do also want to draw attention to and thank Jane Maffett who headed up the Fete.  Many of us turned up on Sunday to help but Jane has been living and breathing this for weeks and was the first on site yesterday and the last to leave.  Thank you Jane for your skill, determination and sheer hard graft.
This year we were encouraged to ‘up our game’ and try to have more faith conversations with our visitors.  As well as the many informal conversations which took place, a dedicated team had over 50 more structured conversations and were able to pray with a number of people.  Let’s pray now that all the seeds sown will begin to bear fruit in the coming months. 
We would love to gather some feedback about the day and ask you to take a few minutes to fill out the online survey here.

As we move towards the summer, church will move at a slightly less hectic pace but we look forward to welcoming Ajay More and his family on Sunday 16th July, and our Holiday Club at the end of August.
Tomorrow at our monthly prayer meeting (8pm at church) we will be thanking God for the Fete, praying for the seeds sown and looking ahead to what’s next.  Please join me.
With my love