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When St Stephens was founded in 1867 most households would have owned a magic lantern and gone to magic lantern shows in larger venues. This was how images were projected before movies were invented at the end of the century.
 Glass magic lantern slides contained images of many kinds - hand-painted scenes, coloured sets telling stories, slipping slides that surprised, photographs (the new sensation of the age) and moving kaleidoscopes of colour. This was one of the main sources of Victorian entertainment and education.
To take you back in time, we are projecting magic lantern slides that are over 100 years old of hymns and bible stories, as well as some with lifestyle messages, at our evening worship on Sunday 12 February at 6:30pm.
On 14 March, at 8pm, we will be showing another side of the magic lantern with a variety of images to entertain and educate - watch out for more information.